Of Popcorn and Identity Theft

Posted On August 22, 2012

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Have you ever sat and watched a popcorn popper pop popcorn? A couple weeks ago when I was at camp I was making popcorn for the evening snack. I watched the oil heat up as the wire just spun around and around to keep things stirred up. The oil heated and then pop. One little kernel of corn popped. It had given in to the heat and exploded. Then another and another. Soon all the kernels were popping and then it was done.

As I sat watching, I started thinking about life. Things start heating up and then pop. Which way will we pop? Will we pop up towards God and look to Him and reach to Him or will we pop out towards other things and other people? Or will we be like those stubborn kernels that never pop (you know there are always a few) and rely on ourselves and our own strength?

That very week (that I was watching popcorn pop) I found out that my identity had been stolen in the time I was at camp. They had totally wiped out my bank account.

I was at camp about 150 or so miles from home, no debit card, only about $12 cash and no gas. Oh my, the heat and pressure were on for sure. Which way would I pop? I started making phone calls. Our mission director and his wife (Fred and Kathy Jones) were at camp for a couple days. As I got off the phone I turned around and Kathy was standing there. Her first question was, “Can we pray with you?” Of course. We finished praying and Fred asked, “Can I put this on the mission prayer chain?” Of course. I popped toward God.

God’s peace quickly flooded my heart and soul!

Well, during camp I was asked to share my testimony at campfire time. It was for Jr Highers. What part or aspect of my life could encourage them most? What do Jr. Highers struggle with? Identity. When we ask Christ to be our Savior we have a new identity in Christ. No one can steal that. I shared some other things also (ie. Psalm 139, how much God loves them and more) I had prayed that my testimony would touch a life and that someone would accept Christ as their Savior. Several said how what I said touched them but to my knowledge noone accepted Christ that night. When I got home I was visiting with a friend and her daughter-in-law. I started sharing about camp and the identity theft and the peace of God that passes ALL understanding that He poured out on me. Guess What!!! She accepted the Lord that very night. God answered prayer.

I must say that I more fully understand and can relate to Joseph of the Old Testament when he said, “What man meant for evil, God meant for good.”

Praise the Lord for His peace that He gives. Keep popping for Jesus.

Serving Joyfully,


PS – In case you are wondering, the bank replaced all my money and to my knowledge there are no further issues. I do appreciate continued prayer for this.

May God bless all of you.


2 Responses to “Of Popcorn and Identity Theft”

  1. Lori

    Cindy, your testimonials and reflections make me smile. I’m blessed to know you. Please keep sharing with us.

  2. mcguinness@blackfoot.net

    Thanks Cindy,
    How did your identity get stolen, just wondering so can know what to look out for
    Praise God that you could give testimony of God in your life and see your friends daughter in law saved what a great blessing!
    God bless,

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