What’s on your mind?

Posted On February 7, 2012

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Recently I was invited to be a “guest” at a sleep lab in a hospital in Missoula. My Dr. deemed it a necessary step to my overall health. Last Friday was the appointed time. As the anticipation built so did the nerves. I was so nervous. I suppose it had much to do with the fear of the unknown. I had many questions and very few answers. Well I got to the hospital and checked in. As I waited the nerves continued to grow. Finally it was time for me to head to the sleep lab. I made my way to the elevator and up to the 5th floor. I kept trying to take deep, calming breaths. I was met at the elevator by one of the respiratory therapists. He greeted me warmly and instantly went to work putting my mind and heart at ease. (Don’t think I would’ve slept otherwise).

I’m not sure how many of you have participated in one of these “studies” but they put wires all over you and connect you to a computer in their main area so they can monitor you as you sleep. (I would post a picture here but, well, it’s not very flattering in the least.)

As they connected the wires to my head (a sleep EEG) they made jokes about the fact that they were going to watch my brain all night long and that now they could read my mind. My first reaction was “Oh no!” “If only they knew how nervous I was and what was going through my mind about all this.”

A few days later I got thinking about the One Who can read our very thoughts. In fact, God knows our thoughts before we even think them. This same God calmed my fears through the folks at the sleep lab. They patiently answered my questions and comforted and encouraged me. God does that too. He calms our fears, He patiently waits for us, He encourages and comforts us and God knows our thoughts.

If those therapists really could read my mind that night what would they have seen?

More importantly, what does God see?

How about it? What does your “spiritual” EEG show?


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